Building and Deployment


Platform specific distributions are needed because mollib includes C extensions written in Cython. These extension must be compiled using a compiler for each type of operating system.

The build and install distribution packages, the following packages are needed:

Linux Distributions (Python Wheels)

Compile and build a Python wheel package.

$ python bdist_wheel

The Python wheel can be installed using pip.

$ sudo pip install <package_file.whl>

Mac OS X Distributions (mpkg)

  1. Upload the source distribution

    $ python sdist upload
  2. Upload a binary distribution

    $ python bdist_wheel upload
  1. Compile and build a Mac OS X package (.mpkg) file.

    $ python bdist_mpkg
The .mpkg file can be installed by dragging it into the Applications folder.


The linux and osx packages are built using the mollib-wheels repository. Follow these steps to create a new release.

  1. mollib repository. Tag a new release on the mollib master branch and bump the version in the mollib/ file.
  2. mollib-wheelhouse. Update the BUILD_COMMIT in the .travis.yml to point to the new mollib tag. If needed, switch the twine repository to the test servers.
  3. Push the sdist to PyPi.