Mollib is a unified command-line program and Python library for the validation, quality analysis and manipulation of molecular structures with an emphasis on biophysical analysis. Mollib is built on a plugin framework to easily add new tools to manipulate and analyze structures and data, which can then be combined and cross-validated.

Mollib includes tools for:

  • The processing and protonation of molecules.
  • The analysis of hydrogen bonds and hydrogen bond quality compared to the highest-resolution PDB structures. Hydrogen bonds are classified based on their acceptor-donor residues and Ramachandran angles
  • The measurement of geometries within molecules as well as the reporting and classification of Ramachandran angles.
  • The statistical analysis and comparison of structures to high-resolution crystal structures.
  • The analysis of partial alignment data with residual dipolar coupling (RDC) and residual anisotropic chemical shift (RACS, a.k.a RCSA) data.


$ pip install mollib


Python and pip may not be installed. You may need to download and install Python first.

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